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Info You Need to Know~

:bulletpurple: Can I/How can I join?
~Simple! All you have to do is click that button that says: Join our Group and your in!!!!

:bulletpurple: So what's this thing about?
~Well...this group is about creating an OC! It's half art/half RPC where you create and OC who serves one of the Greek Gods! More info is here! =>greek-god-servants.deviantart.… How convientyent! :la: Your Oc goes along and does missions from the Assignmet Board, =>greek-god-servants.deviantart.… to move up their ranks. Each mission has to include a theme from the Assignments List =>greek-god-servants.deviantart.… in order for the missioon to count as complete. And if that doesn't explain it well enough then message me and I will try to clearify it further~! But bassically since we all share an interest ( well a possible interest except the few people I forced to join the group) in greek mythology. Which, *gasp*, is what this RPC is about!

:bulletpurple: Do I HAVE to make an OC?, but this is an RPC drawing group. So no you don't have to make an OC or anything but we would like it more if you did~! :)

:bulletpurple: Do I have to do art?
~No silly! You can do many different things! You could write a story, write a poem, write a song! Even cosplay! Though I don't think ANYBODY is going to do that! *laughs*

:bulletpurple: So where do I submit my (insert whatever you are submitting name's here)?
~Well, we have specific art folders where you put whatever you are submitting in! There is Featured (if you don'tthink any of your pictures fit in the categories listed, put it here), OC Application, OCs, 100 Missions (this is where you submit you art for the Assignment Board), God x Servant, and Misc. Just plop your whatever into the folder you think it fits best in!

:bulletpurple: I want to do the Assignment Board and make an OC, what do I do now?
~Have no fear! All you have to do is fill out this application meme => and then you are ready to go!

Just in case you didn't see it before, here ya go~!
How To Make An OC/ About OCs

About Assignment Board

Assignments List

Group Info

For all of you that love Greek Mythology. We are all servants of the powerful Greek Gods. We are at their disposal. Create an OC and serve a god of your choice. Do not fail them.
Founded 5 Years ago
May 26, 2011

North America

14 Members
15 Watchers
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1. Slaughter
2. Punishment
3. At Work
4. Relaxation
5. Normal
6. Blood Shed
7. Quarrel
8. Distress
9. Music
10. Training
11. Sleep
12. Quest
13. Shining Star
14. Technology
15. Drowning
16. Ballet
17. Meadow
18. Sorrow
19. Hospital
20. Sick
21. Missing
22. Malice
23. Smile
24. Camera
25. Medusa
26. Lost Item
27. Connection
28. Stitches
29. Scars
30. Stuck
31. Timed
32. Food
33. Puppet
34. Keychain
35. Picture
36. Shattered
37. Dreams
38. Dog
39. Make Up
40. Note
41. Battery On Low
42. Repair
43. Drawing
44. Fixing
45. Broken
46. Love?
47. Fire
48. My Past
49. My Future
50. Hopes
51. Marriage? Yeah Right.
52. Suspicion
53. Recon Mission
54. Search And Destroy
55. Innocence
56. Loved Ones
57. Dress/Tuxedo
58. Amendment
59. Right And Wrong
60. Fireplace
61. Investigation
62. Betrayal
63. Death
64. Tainted
65. Evidence
66. Confession
67. Criminal
68. Lightning
69. Forging
70. The Ocean
71. Mirror
72. You’ve Got Mail!
73. Drunk
74. A Night To Remember
75. Regret
76. Wisdom
77. Trash
78. Abandoned
79. Snow
80. Hug
81. Family
82. Locket
83. Angels and Demons
84. Foreign
85. Twilight
86. Pirates
87. Hunter
88. Ghosts
89. Cowboy
90. War
91. Fear
92. Myth
93. Magic
94. Tape
95. Liar
96. Pets
97. Sleepover
98. Friends
99. True Colors
100. The End?
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